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Wake up Love!? What you doing!? You got money to make and hearts to break! This spiritul bath made up  of citrus, rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, and ginger will HEY! What do you need to let go? This iquid spiritual bath has a mixture of Blessed rose water, hyssop, citrus, sea salt, and honey. This will assist in releasing negativity, bad intentions, removing hexes, and shield from spiritual attacks. Whew baby!!! RELAX, RELATE, AND RELEASE!!!! Just add  to a warm bath!

Wake UP Love Liquid Spiritual Bath 12 OZ. BOTTLE

  • Unless product was damaged we do not take returns. We suggest you use this within 3-5 days. Keep refrigerated for extended shelf life. All natural products and coloring. DO NOT CONSUME! KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.... THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS  SEA SALT AS WELL.

  • Use the whole bottle or half the bottle, your preference. For a shower mix with equal parts of water and pour on your body from the neck down after washing your body.

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