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Are you just beginning your spiritual jouney? New to crystals and smudging? This kit is for you! This contains all the basic crystals ans tools for smudging to get you started. 

Rose Quartz for love and opening the heart chakra

Clear Quartz for clearing and removing negativity energy

Amethyst for peace and peaceful sleep

Black Tourmaline for protection from negativity and for grounding

Citrine for attracting money and wealth( may have two if very small)

Selenite for making dreams more lucid and also for clearing crystals , protection and clearing energy.

Celestite for healing, spiritual connection  and union of self

White Sage for smudging, removing negative spirits from your area

Palo Santo to bring the calm and peace after smudging with sage

Instructions Included

Kandalicious Krystal Starter Kit

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  • Instructions included

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