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This bracelets aids in bringing joy, happiness and peace to your life. It repels negative energies and keeps your vibrartions high. Genuine Krystal Beads include

Moonstone: Lucky in love stone, stabilizess mood

Amethyst: aids in healing of wounds, and stabilzes sleep. Positive transformation and helps with meditation

Citrine: attracts prosperity, success and wealth. Promotes motivation, activates creativity, and encourages self -expression and ethusiasm. 

Angelite: strengthens organs,inner guidance, converts fear into faith, and astral travel. 

Strawberry Quartz: promotes the feeling of love with euphoria of the true loving enviornment.

Opalite: Spirituality, transition and elevates psychic abilities. Remove energy blockages. Stabilizes mood swings and overcoming fatigue


Joy and Happiness

  • All sales are final. 

  • All bracelets holds energy!!!!! Please clear them 2-3 times a week with white sage or lay a piece of selenite on top of them to remove the energies.  Thes bracelets can pop if they have a overwhelming amount of negative energy in them. PLEASE CLEAR THEM REGULARLY!

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