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Are you trying to manifest new love? Wanna renew self love or make an existing love relationship better? This is the kit with you!!!! This kit contains everything you will need to draw love into your energy field!

This Kit includes: !- Twinflame candle: it contains obsidian  to protect, glitter and rosebuds. Also the candles has a vanilla amber scent that fills the roo. This candle is a collaboration from Lush Lotus Candle Co.

2. A Pink Milk Bath, this bath is a self renewing bath made of pink himilian salt, dried non fat millk, sugar, herbs and rose petals.  This refreshing bath will make your feel sexy and sensual. 

3. A For The Lover In You Bracelet to draw love to you

4. A Love Potion #6, this oil is based with coconut oil, several essential oils, and rose petals.This oil will make ppl stop and stare! This sweet oil will draw anyone to your scent!

5. Celestite, Rose quartz and Rhodonite, These crystals promote divine love ans union.

For The lover In You Love Manifestation Kit

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